Get an edge over your competition

An ISO 14001 is proof that you’re a trustworthy and established business

Get an ISO 14001 consultant you can rely on

An ISO 14001 is proof that you’re a trustworthy and established business

We will stay with you until you get certified

We have a 100% success rate in getting small businesses ISO 14001 certified

Increase your chance of winning tenders

Tenders for Government and Private sector require their suppliers to be certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management systems to be considered for Pre-Qualification.

We will stay with you all the way through ISO 14001 certification and maintenance.

Our consultants can guide you from getting the initial documentation ready into implementing a Environmental Management System, finding a certification body and performing internal audits after certification. Whether you’re just getting started with ISO 14001 or you’re already certified, we can help.

If you just knew what happens next in the ISO 14001 certification and maintenance process…

you would be able to plan for it and save your time. Imagine:

  • knowing the exact next step in acquring and maintaining your ISO 14001 certification
  • saving your time wading through useless ISO 14001 templates and trying to make them work for your business
  • being able to choose between different ISO consulting service options that suit your budget
  • saving your time training staff to do internal ISO 14001 audits
  • being able to focus on winning tenders, contracts with big companies and growing your business
  • being certain that the process of acquiring and maintaining an ISO 14001 certificate will be smooth and will not distract you from doing business
  • hiring just one ISO 14001 consultant with 10+ years of experience to help you through the whole process

How do you become ISO 14001?certified? What happens after that?

Just trying to build a picture of what it takes to get a certification and maintain it is overwhelming.

It seems like there is no clear road to ISO 14001 certification for small businesses in Australia.

And there are countless middlemen waiting to charge you ridiculous amounts of money for products and services.

As a result, at each step you have to hire another ISO 14001 consulting company to help you. This slowly eats up every waking moment. For example:

  • You download a set of templates and try to get certified on your own… But the company you bought them from won’t help you customize the templates. So, you have to look for somebody else.
  • You hire a consultant to design and implement your ISO Environmental Management System. That’s great until… You’re again on your own, because the consultant won’t help you find the right certification body.
  • You finally manage to get your coveted certification and then… You have to look for someone to perform internal ISO 14001 audits because your consultant doesn’t do that.

What makes ISO certification a huge pain for most Australian companies is not the process of certification and maintenance itself. The biggest problem is that there are no clear steps to follow.

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