Being a leader for a group of people is an exceptionally important position. The one who bears this title needs to have the ability to motivate others towards a common goal. A true leader, needs to be able to lead from the front and set an example in behavior and in skill. The leader must behave in a way that inspires others to work towards success. A company who is attempting to obtain ISO 14001 certification needs to have a leader or leadership that is active and instrumental in achieving the requirements set before them.

ISO 14001 certification

Whereas leadership relies on things that are not tangible, motivation, inspiration, attitude, decision making abilities, management refers more to the administrative process involved with achieving the goals set out. Management involves planning, communication, and implementing organizational business systems.

There are certain things that leadership needs to be ensure according to ISO 14001 requirements.

Those at the top of the management ladder need to take ownership and responsibility for the effectiveness of the management system. Of course delegation of some items to representatives will be necessary, but top management still needs to be actively involved in environmental activities.

An environmental policy needs to be established and environmental objectives put in place.

The leaders of the organization need to ensure that the requirements of the ISO 14001 environmental management system are carefully combined into the process of the organization. Environmental objectives should not overshadow organizational objectives and vice versa. Both should be equally attainable.

The responsibility of the leaders in this process is to ensure that all the resources needed for successful implementation and running of the environmental system are available. Equipment, finance, and trained staff are all necessary parts of the process.

The leader is the person who has to motivate the staff and make them aware of how important and valuable the success of the environmental management system is, and they also need to be well aware of what the requirements are. It is after all the staff who actually have to do the physical work of achieving the results and objectives are met. The importance of the environmental management system needs to clear and decisive, with no margin for error or misunderstanding.

The leadership is who in responsible at the end of the day for the implementation of a successful environmental management system and the achievement of objectives and results. They need to be able to motivate the managers and staff in such a way that these results are noticeable and the objectives obtained. They are responsible and answerable for those under their leadership meeting desired requirements and achieving.

The leadership of an organization is responsible for undertaking internal audits, corrective actions where necessary, and performing management reviews to see who needs to step it up on the performance side, and who is doing a top notch job. It is the responsibility of the leadership to continually improve the environmental management system that has been implemented.

Without the support and guidance from the leadership of an organization, the management and employees to fulfill the requirements of and environmental responsibilities that they are meant to. The leadership needs to lead from the front and be working inspiration to those who fall below them.

In any organization or group, leadership is key to the success of achieving desired results and reaching objectives. A process will never run smoothly if the leadership followed is not strong in their own convictions and dedication to achieving success.

A process such as the implementation of an environmental management system is one that is many faceted and requires a great deal of commitment and team work from all involved. Those within the team need inspiration and motivation in order to realize their potential in making the process a success. The leadership needs to make it very clear from the start what the requirements are and what is expected. Everybody needs to be fully aware of the objectives and goals that are being strives for. There is no shortcut in a process like this, and everybody needs to pull their weight and be answerable for their actions.

Leadership is the action by which everyone follows. Bad leadership will result in poor performance, and unreachable goals.

Achieving ISO 14001 certification is something that the entire company can be proud of and something that everybody must be involved in. This is certainly not a process that only one person can pull off and it must never be thought by anyone on the team that it is not their responsibility as they don?t answer for the results or the lack thereof. Every single member must be made accountable for their own actions. This will make each employee on the team very aware of any action that they undertake.

We are all aware of the importance of creating less of an impact on the environment and we should all be proud and eager to be a part of something that can lessen the carbon footprint left behind by industry. Being a part of something that is so impact full is something that we should all strive for.

To all the leaders out there who are beginning this mountainous journey to certification, take the bull by the horns, lead from the front, be accountable and make those around you accountable for their own actions. Embrace your team, you are all gunning for the same goals.

ISO 14001 is a certification that is internationally recognized and will stand your company on firm ground. Secure the future of the planet and of your business and take this leap towards a better tomorrow for all. The future of industry and of generations depend on each and every one of us. We are the masters of our own destiny, and we control the outcome in this scenario, let?s just hope it is not too late to undo that damage that has already been done. If your company has the stamina, the unity, and the dedication, you will achieve.